RawShorts Review – Best Explainer Video Software For Beginners?

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rawshorts-reviewIf your business is looking for an option that makes it really easy to make animated explainer videos without getting locked into a monthly subscription, then you might want to consider RawShorts.

Like other explainer video software programs of this type, RawShorts allows easy creation of animated videos for presentations, marketing, training, and how-to applications. Below, you will find an in-depth review of RawShorts with a look at its features as well as pros and cons.


Basic Features



Cloud Based


Like most of its competitors, RawShorts is a cloud-based system. This means that only an internet connection is required to use it. Because there is no download involved, the software can be used from any computer as long as there is internet available.


Lots of Templates


RawShorts is more focused on making it easy to produce professional videos without the use of artistic talent than many of its competitors, and it does this through the many different templates that are offered.

RawShorts has hundreds of templates readily available and the website conveniently separates them by category. These templates offer a near complete canvas to build videos at lightning speed. Merely input your own text, branding, and other audio or visual elements and you’re ready to go.


Lots of Objects


In addition to the many templates that are available, RawShorts also has thousands of extra objects that can be easily utilized in any video. Every one of these objects from people to scenery to charts already comes with animation built in. More importantly, they can be seamlessly added into any template.


Drag and Drop Capability


Thanks to the software’s drag-and-drop system, making videos with RawShorts is incredibly easy. Simply choose the person, object, or sound bite that you want, move it onto the template by holding the mouse, and let go where you would like it to be placed. You can move anything around in any template to your liking, making it easy to customize videos as you see fit.


Unique Pricing Structure


Unlike its competitors, RawShorts does not require a monthly subscription to make use of their software. While there are options for a monthly subscription, you can also purchase use of RawShorts by the export. This is a great option for businesses that will only make use of the software occasionally.


Hire Talent


If you don’t have the time or the available talent to fully customize your videos, you can hire RawShorts to take care of that for you. RawShorts has voice talent and content creators ready to assist their customers to create or complete any video. This is yet another way they make things easier on their users.


Pricing Plans


RawShorts has two different plan options: purchasing by the video or a typical monthly subscription. Below are all of the different prices.

Monthly – Free

  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Upload media
  • Create videos in 480p resolution
  • 8 libraries
  • Standard music library
  • 25MB of storage
  • Commercial rights with RawShorts branding, outro, and watermark

Monthly – Premium ($49 per month)

  • Upload and download videos
  • Text to speech capability
  • Animated charts
  • Create videos in 720p resolution
  • 36 libraries
  • Premium music library
  • 25 HD exports
  • 250MB of storage
  • Commercial rights for your business
  • No RawShorts watermarks, branding, or outro

Annually – Agency ($39 per month)

  • All the same basic features as Premium
  • 50 HD exports
  • 1GB of storage
  • Commercial rights for your business and third party transfer rights
  • No RawShorts watermarks, branding, or outro

Pay Per Export – $60 (3 Exports at $20 each)

  • All the same basic features of premium
  • 100MB of storage
  • Commercial rights for your business

Pay Per Export – $120 (10 Exports at $12 each)

  • All the same basic features of premium
  • 1GB of storage
  • Commercial rights for your business

Pay Per Export – $200 (25 Exports at $8 each)

  • All the same basic features of Premium
  • 1GB of storage
  • Commercial rights for your business and third-party transfer rights


RawShorts vs Alternatives


RawShorts has many competitors including Moovly, GoAnimate, PowToon, EasySketchPro, and VideoScribe. Some of these software options are multifaceted and have more DIY customization, while others are very focused on one type of export such as VideoScribe’s whiteboard videos.

While all software applications of this type come with already created objects, sounds, and scenes, RawShorts offers an extraordinary amount of plug and play templates, making it easier to create videos quickly without the need for a design team.

However, the pricing structure is what really sets RawShorts apart from the competition. There are many businesses that want access to all of the features of this type of software without having to keep paying for it monthly. Because RawShorts can be paid for per export, it is ideal for business owners who only want to use it occasionally or can’t afford an expensive monthly subscription.







  • Lots of templates
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Thousands of objects at your disposal
  • Hire talent to provide voice-over and content creation
  • Unique pricing structure
  • Team capability




  • Cloud interface may slow progress due to internet speed issues
  • No downloadable software means internet is always required
  • DIY options are somewhat limited compared to competitors

Ultimately, if you want video software for your business that is practically hands off, yet delivers professional quality exports, then RawShorts is the perfect candidate.

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