The Future of 2d Animation Software? (From Disney Of Course…)

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While browsing YouTube as I find myself doing far more than I should, I came across this pretty interesting short documentary about Disney’s 2013 Oscar-winning short animated film “Paperman“.



It seems that the director John Kahrs wanted to bring back more of a 2d look and feel to the short while still keeping a 3d digital base. What resulted what something pretty unique and certainly very creative, not only artistically but technically too.



However, I did find a part of myself thinking…”Why not just do normal drawn animation with 3d backgrounds like they were doing 15-20 years ago?”

What do you think? Do you think the end result of a 2d/3d blend is worth it?

Maybe…I just wish Disney would do some really great traditional drawn animation again…something really out of the ordinary.  I find their characters still look very CG even with this new 2d blend technique.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, apparently the animation software they developed for this is called “Meander“, you can read a bit more about it here

I wonder if they’ll ever make it commercially available? 😉

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