Best LCD Drawing Tablets and eWriters – Creative Fun For Kids and Adults

LCD writing tablets and eWriters are a cool and fun way for kids to learn to write and draw, and for adults to take notes and jot down ideas, without having to rely on traditional pencils and paper which can not only be messy, but is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. These tablets used to be […]

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Animation and Drawing Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday seems to start earlier every year, and this year it’s already begun with some great deals and discounts on animation courses, software and drawing tablets.   Check out some of the best ones below.     Drawing Tablets on Amazon   Obviously the place to start looking for great Black Friday […]

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The 12 Principles Of Animation Explained (With Videos)

  Got to thank Cento Lodigiani for the vid.   What Are The 12 Principles Of Animation and Who Created Them?   The 12 principles of animation are considered the fundamental aspects of creating movement and giving a character or object the illusion of life, by making it follow the basic laws of physics and […]

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Stick Figure Animation Course from Bloop Animation

  The brand new “Stick Figure Animation Course” from and Alan Becker is on sale for the rest of today only, and will go up in price by $50 tonight at midnight (Eastern time)   If you want to see what you can achieve, watch this 30-second short animation that Alan teaches you how […]

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vector normal and scaled

Vector vs Raster vs Bitmap Graphics – What Do They Mean?

  Whether you’ve used animation and digital painting software for many years or are a complete beginner hacking your way through the jungle of jargon, you’ve no doubt come across the words “vector”, “raster” and “bitmap” graphics and wondered what on earth they mean. Especially since many software programs are often better at handling one […]

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Best Toon Boom Harmony Alternatives

Alternatives To Toon Boom Harmony? – Here’s 3 Of The Best

  There’s no denying that in terms of cutting edge tools, variety, and wide use among professional studios, Toon Boom’s Harmony software is the Big Daddy of 2d animation programs.   And no, I’m not talking about this Big Daddy…     Yet, despite its all-round awesomeness it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone […]

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Synfig screenshot

Synfig Secures Funding From ASIFA-Hollywood

    Just wanted to make a quick post to say that last month (June 6th 2018), ASIFA-Hollywood made a $2,000 donation to the continuing development of the open-source Synfig 2d animation software.   Why Is This Important?   Well, the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA-Hollywood) is probably the most prominent and important society in […]

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How To Choose A Drawing Tablet – Top Tips For Beginners

  Choosing a drawing tablet for digital art or animation can seem like an overwhelming prospect when you consider all of the various makes and models on the market today. Look at any major retailer like Amazon and you’ll be presented with a staggering number of choices at varying price levels – from $20 up […]

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Anime Studio Pro 11 Review – Is Smith Micro’s Top Animation Software Any Good?

The latest addition to Smith Micro’s line of animation software, Anime Studio Pro 11, has been earning rave reviews since its release in May 2015. Anime Studio Pro 11 is the next step up from Anime Studio Debut and includes a whole range of additional features that make it even easier to produce professional quality […]

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Toonz Goes Open-Source – Digital Video, Dwango and Studio Ghibli Deal

Toonz animation software, used on Princess Mononoke and Futurama will be released as a free open-source version with a souped-up feature set.     Leading Japanese media company Dwango, has signed a deal to acquire Toonz, the 2d animation software from the Italian-based company Digital Video. As a result of this merger, Dwango will be […]

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