vector normal and scaled

Vector vs Raster vs Bitmap Graphics – What Do They Mean?

  Whether you’ve used animation and digital painting software for many years or are a complete beginner hacking your way through the jungle of jargon, you’ve no doubt come across the words “vector”, “raster” and “bitmap” graphics and wondered what on earth they mean. Especially since many software programs are often better at handling one […]

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Best Toon Boom Harmony Alternatives

Alternatives To Toon Boom Harmony? – Here’s 3 Of The Best

  There’s no denying that in terms of cutting edge tools, variety, and wide use among professional studios, Toon Boom’s Harmony software is the Big Daddy of 2d animation programs.   And no, I’m not talking about this Big Daddy…     Yet, despite its all-round awesomeness it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone […]

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