Flip Boom Cartoon Review – Your Child’s First Animation Software

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Designed specifically for young children (ages 6-12), Flip Boom Cartoon (formerly known as Flip Boom Classic) is Toon Boom’s answer to all those parents that would like their children to make cartoons but are worried about the learning curve of more complicated software programs.

As soon as you open the software you find a reassuringly simple and straightforward interface layout with nice colourful icons making it a doddle to find your way around.

An extra plus is that since it is based on Toon Boom’s other high-end programs like and Studio, your child will be learning to use a software layout that is pretty much standard across the industry. This will make it much easier for them to move on to more advanced tools as they get older.


Drawing and Painting Tools


Drawing and painting tools are nice and easy and the “onion skinning” feature allows them to trace over their previous drawings making it a cinch to make their first animation.

Although the drawing tools are great I did find it a bit limiting that you cannot import any images or photos into the program which means you’ll have to draw your own backgrounds directly in Flip Boom Cartoon itself. Might be something to bear in mind if your child is an avid photographer.

In saying this though, Flip Boom Cartoon like other Toon Boom software does come with a series of free templates that you can download from the resources section on their website.




The software comes with a few sound effects in the library, but you also have the ability to record sound or dialogue directly into the program itself by using any microphone.

However I was a little surprised to see there isn’t any support for importing MP3s, so you are restricted to using only what you can record directly.




Once your child has made their animated cartoon it’s time to show it – after all a cartoon without an audience is like a theatre without a play – pointless!

With Flip Boom Cartoon this process is easy peasy providing the option of multiple file formats such as iTunes, SWF, and QuickTime MOV, as well as easy upload to YouTube and Facebook to let your child easily share their work with friends, family or school teachers.




All in all the Flip Boom Cartoon software program is ideal for your little ones if they want a simple and easy-to-use animation program out of the box. The simple interface means they won’t find it difficult to open the software and get drawing straight away, while having the added benefit of helping them to learn the basic layout and functions of more advanced creative software packages. The sound and export functions allow them to personalise and then share their cartoons for school projects or with friends and family. At $39 it is cheaper than most video games out there and they’re sure to get much more benefit out of it. Who knows, your little one may become the next Walt Disney and this is all they need to get started!


Click here to buy the Flip Boom Cartoon software from ToonBoom.com


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